Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who's more traumatized?

CJ had some work done at the dentist yesterday. Poor thing had a cavity on his molar. It was bad enough that it warranted a baby crown... at age 3??? Thanks to his parents he had to endure what I thought was traumatizing.

He took it much better than me. I paced and looked out the window. I was asked twice by the dental hygienists if I needed to leave.

I must admit that seeing your child a bit stoned is funny in a twisted way... Scott and I tried not to laugh.

His eyes started to glaze over...

His feet and legs were next - he got real antsy and jittery...

Then his fingers started twitching a bit and he was dazed and confused looking at the TV in the room ...

After he was numbed up and they put the 'raincoat' (dental dam) on him is when things got funny.

Anyone who has had dental work knows that 'fat feeling' you get when 'they put your tooth to sleep'.

CJ could not stop moving his tongue ... he was trying to poke it through the raincoat. He was feeling the 'sleepy' side of his mouth. He would not stop! That is when Scott and I looked at each other and let a laugh out - quietly of course.

My poor baby, how could his mother be so cruel as to laugh like that at such a critical time???

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